Industrial Engineering and Management

Every year, among the new Finnish students starting their studies, there is also a bunch of Industrial Engineering and Management students, who also starts their journey at TUT. Along with the studies, there is also a vast of social activities happening at the university. Our guild is one of the most well-known, social, and internationally-minded student organizations. Thus, Man@ger, the guild of knowledge and information management, warmly welcomes both Finnish and international students to become members of the guild. During the past years, we have had more and more international degree students spending their free time in our guild room, taking part in our fun events, and getting to know to our Finnish members.

Here are some highlights from the past years, Industrial Engineering and Management students being active in Man@ger events.

The Pub Crawl, where you go out to all the best pubs in Tampere and perform various tasks and compete against other teams.
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“I remember back then the reason was uncertain, but now many things have shown me that the decision was well done and made me feel proud and identified with my grey overalls. Being a part of Man@ger has given me such a good moments with people probably I would never even think to have any contact. It doesn’t matter where you come from, or what language do you speak, as long as you will be able to give someone the chance to meet a little bit more from you and your culture there will always be a Man@ger member available to hear you and share with you some of their own. I will keep all those memories and always believe that once you are a Man@ger you will always be a Man@ger.
David Echeverry, Colombia, 2012

The Independence Day: Man@ger gathers its members on 6th of December to celebrate the Finnish Independence Day in this sophisticated, formal and elegant event.
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The Overall Sauna: The moment when you are given one of the most important part of student culture, the overalls

The Academic Kyykkä World Championships: The great academic sport among Finnish students, kyykkä, is one of the greatest annual events in TUT. The event gathers around  2000 students from universities around Finland.
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“My best expectations of student life in Finland just came true with being a part of Man@ger. Sport, entertainment and open-air events organized by the guild is the experience when you are a part of a real team! And this team becomes a way how you feel a rhythm of your life. Great people, sparkling emotions, fun and strong corporate mood are the reasons why I am proud of wearing ‘grey’!
Tatyana Chernova, Kazakztan, 2012

Bunny Party: A bunny-themed sitsit party, where people gather together to sing, eat, drink and to meet new people. The event was organised together with the guild of enviromental engineering students, YKI. This event was a organised for the first time.
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“I have joined Man@ger back in 2010 and still I do not regret this decision. When I joined it, we did not have that many internationals members there. Thus, it was nice to see how guild is becoming what it is now. Moreover, I met my many friends there and enjoyed plenty of events together. I am pretty sure I will keep in touch with all these friends wherever my destiny will bring me. Finally, I consider being a member of Man@ger one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences you just can’t miss.
Antons Ponomarjovs, Latvia, 2010

Man@ger Annual Party: The guild’s birthday event, where people suit up elegantly. Includes speeches, a band and dancing and elements from a sitsit party.
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The climax of the academic year! 40+ events in 14 days with wide variety ensures that your academic year ends in the most awesome and memorable way. Here are some snapshots from the biggest events of Wappu.

“I was very happy to join Man@ger at the beginning of my masters studies in TUT. I was approached by the international correspondent who told me about all of the events that the guild offered, the teekkarikaste and the relaxing space in the guild room. It was definitely a great choice and I met many cool people in the guild. I will always remember the independance day gala with all my international friends and the friends from Man@ger. That was a great choice and I will always be proud to carry my gray overalls and represent my guild wherever in the world I am.
Aznar Moncayo,  Colombia, fuksi 2010

Wappupicnic: The biggest and best picnic organised by the Wappu team. Hundreds of students gather here to enjoy weather, food and outdoor socializing with friends.

Pimp-my-Grill: The hottest barbecue -party of TUT. In this event the coolest grill and the most delicious food will be recognized by Jury.

Fuksiparade: The final steps as fuksis (freshmen). The astounding event before teekkari dipping, where all the fuksis, parade through the center of Tampere, carrying härwelis (the big-strange-looking-built-thingies).
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Teekkari dipping: All the fuksis (freshmen) in Tampere have been through Teekkarikaste from the beginning of days. It started out as a random idea, but as years have passed and more people are taking part. Nowadays, it is a major event in Tampere and thousands of people gather to watch as fuksis turn into teekkaris.
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