The Guild

Man@ger – the Guild of Information and Knowledge Management

Man@ger was established during the spring 2000. Since then, Man@ger has been taking care of its members by organizing activities such as sports events, parties, excursions to companies, movie nights, sauna evenings and much much more.

The Guild Room

The Guild Room – the center of the operation at the Hervanta Campus – can be found in Konetalo building, in the guild corridor between lecture rooms K1702 and K1703 or more familiarly in the Guild Corridor.

The guild room is a place where all Man@gers can take a breath and relax amid the frantic and occasionally stressful studies. You can make yourself a cup of coffee or tea and maybe challenge someone to play a game of NHL, NBA or FIFA on the guilds PS4. For those who like singing, SingStar is also available.

From the guild room you can buy overall badges, snacks, beverages and our famous indestructible champagne glasses. Payments are to be made with the MobilePay application or cash.



All students in the Finnish universities are recognized of the convenient and great party clothing, the overalls. Each degree program having a different color makes the student population to stand out and making cheerful boost in the country’s culture.

Members of Man@ger wear the unique grey overalls. The overall project starts normally during the autumn. Keep your eyes and ears open to make sure you will get your own ones!


Celebration of the new overalls!

Join Man@ger

As a member of the guild, you have the full rights to hang out in the guild room, take part in all the events and on top of that. Man@ger has a lot of excursions and events with companies related to our study program. We host a number of sauna evenings and other relaxation events during the year what you don’t want to miss out on.

EVERYONE is welcome to join the guild. To do so, visit the guild room and express your willingness to join the guild. Often there is a board member present and he or she will help you. Investing to the membership fee (only 5.00 €) is the first step to the adventure in one of the most dashing, international and multi-dimensional guilds.

Not always present? Email-list delivers the latest

There is a specific email list, through which all necessary information is provided through email IN ENGLISH. Contact the International Affairs Manager: kv [at] or board members in the Guild Room!

Still want more?

If there was something that you didn’t get an answer for, please visit the guild room or contact the international officer of Man@ger kv[at]

See you in the guild room!